Optimize & control your group trips easily

Leading technological platform with Artificial Intelligence specialized in making group travel management simple and efficient.

Optimize & control your group trips easily

Leading technological platform with Artificial Intelligence specialized in making group travel management simple and efficient.


Imagine your next group trips with...


less attention time to passengers and family members before and during the trip


less operating costs


optional product sales

More efficiency and less stress in the management of your group trips

A modern app for your passengers
An easy-to-use app for your guides
An easy-to-use app for your guides

Everything controlled & optimized from the same place



AI Web Console




Improving the day-to-day of agencies around the world

Improving the day-to-day of agencies around the world


passengers have used Viaxlab​

Winners Innovation Award 2023 of the Chamber of Tourism of Uruguay

"Through Viaxlab we are able to accompany our clients at the destination and their families remotely 24/7, through different communication channels such as messaging, photo gallery and the publication of the itinerary in real time. In addition, the health information tools allow us to They allowed precise medical care, leaving nothing to chance. Viaxlab collaborated to make the experience very successful."

Maximiliano Dombald - Apleno

"Working with Viaxlab we significantly improved the experience of our passengers and their families since they accessed all the information related to the trip from their phone. This prevented potential inconveniences that normally occur due to lack of it within the reach of passengers or communication with them and their families"

Juan Pablo Rodó - Cuarta Dimensión

"With the implementation of Viaxlab and its different functionalities, we have greatly improved communication with the families of our passengers through messaging and gallery."

César Sartori - Eduviajes

and more agencies that are managing their trips intelligently.

Implementing a new technology in a travel agency has never been so easy

Generation with Artificial Intelligence GPT

Create your trips in seconds with our GPT Artificial Intelligence technology, which will recognize the text of your current itineraries, no matter how they are written, and create the trip in your app.

Easy integration with current systems

We have our API available so you can integrate your current system where you already have your information to automatically upload the information to Viaxlab.

Try and create your first trip for free

Get your trip in the fully functional Viaxlab app to start using it


Time savings in the attention of passengers and family members, improving your experience in the process

Updated Itinerary
Show an itinerary that is always updated to your passengers, with useful information and recommendations to enjoy every moment.
Official Travel Gallery
Share the official travel photos within the app for passengers and family members.
Private messaging
Optimize your communication and save your equipment time with specific messaging rooms for different uses during your trip.
Smart notifications
Take advantage of the notifications to notify effectively about changes in the itinerary during the trip.


Optimization of operating costs​

Passenger Tracking
Your guides can easily scan your passengers in the activities and key moments that they need. Maintain accurate tracking of your passengers with a single QR and control of operations in real time.
Real-time metrics and alerts
Easily access the main metrics of your operation and control in a single place where what really matters.
Automatic notifications
Save time quickly notifying changes in the itinerary and avoid confusion during the trip. Receive daily alerts with a summary of everything that happens in your ongoing operations.
Provider Mode
Integrate with your providers to control your passengers and avoid the surcharges you are currently having on your services.


Multiply the sale of your optional products​

In addition to offering your passengers a better experience than their competence, it will generate bad sales:

Mobile Store

Offer optionals products, merchandising, travel assistance upgrade or any other related product in the travel mobile store and collect cash or digital means of payment. Gain control over the entire sales process with a smooth and secure experience for your passengers.

Campaign with AI automated notifications

Launch a smart notification campaign to promote your products that will be sent at the times in the trip that are most likely to generate sales. Publish this campaign effortlessly and let our AI-powered marketing module drive more sales for you.

Quality sales support

They will receive personalized sales material such as videos, personalized images and presentations for meetings so that they can differentiate themselves from their competition and highlight the benefits that they will offer to their passengers thanks to Viaxlab.

Sofia assistant with AI

In addition, you will enjoy the advice of Sofia, our artificial intelligence assistant who will give you tips on how to generate more sales and carry out marketing actions, available 24/7.


If you still have questions, write to: [email protected]

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Viaxlab has a pay as you go model. This makes us partners in the future, if it works for your agency and uses it, so do we.

It is paid per passenger who downloads the app and activates it. If you have passengers that don't unload it, you don't pay for those.

A personalized proposal is made to adapt to your needs.

In 15 minutes you can have a trip loaded in the app to send to your passengers.