Optimizing group travel management with Artificial Intelligence

A technological platform with the power of the most advanced artificial intelligence for the management and optimization of group trips.

Increase the efficiency of your operation, improve the experience of your passengers and generate more sales during your trips with state-of-the-art technology.

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Travel agencies from different countries and with different types of offer are taking advantage of Viaxlab and updating their way of operating:


Offer an unforgettable & safe experience to your passengers

Updated Itinerary
Show an always updated itinerary to your passengers, with useful information and recommendations to enjoy every moment.
Official Travel Gallery
Share the official photos of the trip within the app for passengers and family.
Medical Profile
Improve your medical care during the trip and save time in times of emergency with your passengers' medical information securely accessible in one place
Timely Notifications
Leverage the notifications feature to effectively notify you of changes to your itinerary during your trip.

Optimize your operations & save costs

Passenger Tracking
Easily scan your passengers with a unique QR on your app or wristband and precisely control your operations.
Optimize your communication and save your team time with specific messaging rooms for different uses during the trip.
Communicate with push notifications news and changes in the itinerary during the trip in an effective way.

Boost your trips revenue

In addition to giving your passengers a better experience than your competition, you will generate more revenue:

Mobile Store

Offer optional activities, merchandising and other products in the mobile store. Charge with the payment methods of your choice.

Segmented Campaign

Launch a promotional campaign for your products in a segmented and intelligent way with notifications and in-app messages.

Premium Growth Advice

Take advantage of the advice of marketing & eCommerce experts to optimize your promotional campaign in the app.

New sales arguments
Travel agencies that offer Viaxlab to their passengers have a differential compared to their competition. They provide certainty and security for their trip, in addition to positioning themselves with a modern and innovative option.
Quick Setup
No need to integrate with any existing system. You can upload your trip information directly or ask our team to fully upload your first trips.
Real time reports
Access a control panel to monitor the main metrics of your operation. You will be able to anticipate operational problems during the trip to solve them in time, thanks to the precise information of your trip.
Partner in Innovation & Technology
Forget the costs and headaches of your own technological development by partnering with an experienced partner. Tranquility and certainty in the technological area at the level of the most demanding standards.
Free Updates
Based on feedback from passengers and agencies, we constantly update the app to provide a better experience and optimize the results generated.
Your team will get the education they need to make the most our of Viaxlab. Video classes, live training, help center and more available 24/7.

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